Re-cycling The Office Wear

Never step out of the house in boring clothes!

The thing about being a working-woman is that you don’t have many outfit options to wear at work. You have to be dressed formally and presentably no matter what and NO wild colors allowed. Unless you are working in a job environment, which permits feminine dresses or Indian wear. But we all know offices are quite intolerant when it comes to women’s fashion. This makes our wardrobe quite boring and at times we may find ourselves in a position which every girl is most sorrowfully aware of – the state of having ‘nothing to wear’. However, with simple tips and tricks you can change your formal wardrobe into a wardrobe of a fashionista so that you can strut your stuff on those ‘out-of-office’ occasions. Keep reading to find out how…

Recycling the office wear

Buy some hot shorts

Shorts can bring in the sex appeal to your normal boring shirts/blouses. Wear subtle colors such as denim, black or white lace for daytime and wear the sequined shorts or vibrant colors for those stormy party nights.


Wear a statement necklace

Wear your normal pant and shirt and add a touch of glamour by teaming it up with a statement necklace. It will surely bring in the femininity your outfit so desired.


Skirting the issue

A cute pencil skirt can make your whole outfit alive. You can even wear this combination to work without coming off too informal. So show off your legs and make every other girl jealous of your wardrobe.


Colorful blazers

Blazers in bright colors such as red, green, blue, etc. may not be allowed in some work places but you can definitely wear them at those work lunches with clients on a breezy weekend. You’ll look chic, casual and yet absolutely professional.


A dress shirt

Steal your partner’s over-sized shirt, team it up with a sleek belt and some stockings (Ditch the stockings if you’re feeling bold and if the shirt isn’t too short) and go out for a romantic brunch. Let your hair loose and show them that you know your stuff.


Invest in a good pant-suit

Pant-suits are in vogue this season. From our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra to Hollywood’s pretty little liar Ashley Benson, everyone is donning this powerful outfit. Pair them up with gladiators or pumps and you’re good to go. Loose the jacket and you’re set for the evening.


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Dress Up Like Caroline Channing

Because there is no excuse for being sloppy, not even when you’re broke.

We all love the dynamic duo in the American sitcom 2 Broke Girls. The season 4 of the show is set to release in the month of October. We surely can’t wait to find out what the fate holds for the two beautiful ladies. The one thing we can’t get enough of besides Kat Dennings wonderful comic timing is Beth Behrs aka Caroline Channing’s fashion sense in the show. She sure knows how to keep it classy. If you want to know how to dress like Caroline Channing then read on…



Stick to the brown, cream and white hues. Caroline never wears anything too flashy. She loves her subtle colors and we couldn’t agree more.


Casual Outfits

For the casual attire, try high waist-shorts and a cute top. Or go for a more formal look with blazers. You can even wear brown pants and cream/white shirt for the Caroline Channing look. Nowadays, even rompers are in trend; you can try those as well.


Evening Look

For the evening wear, go for a cute cream dress. Caroline usually wears knee-length dresses. You can even opt for long dresses but make sure that the colors are right.



Invest in a good brown handbag and nude shoes that you can team up with anything. For accessories, try pearls and golden necklaces.

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Go for a nude make-up with dramatic eyes for the evening look. Lips should be bare with just a hint of lip color and gloss. During daytime, matte brown and white eye shadow will get you the Caroline look.


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